Custom Identity, LLC is a distinctive brand enhancement company seeking to provide quality custom accessories to those who wish to personify classic style and declare their trademark. We produce custom cufflinks, buckles, lapel pins, pendants, rings, and charms catered to your imagination. We consider it our mission to define your image in a rare, unexpected way and are committed to your satisfaction. Each identification piece we create is handcrafted with the highest standard in mind, and your individuality at heart.

Custom Identity was founded with the ambition of catering to businesses exploring unique ideas to market themselves. Our products soon became popular with non-profits and celebrity foundations that were looking for ways to spread awareness for their cause. Our individualized business approach and ability to fulfill the specific needs of each client distinguish Custom Identity from other companies and websites offering similar products. When you order our custom cufflinks, buckles, lapel pins, pendants, rings, and charms, you are ordering an "identity piece," as opposed to a novelty that is available anywhere, to anyone. We take pride in providing a superior product at an exceptional value, delivered with personal service. Custom Identity believes the little things are what truly matter. We make the details count.